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Choose the best option for YOU, with our help

Real general practice is designed to help you to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for you to pass the clinical skills assessment exam. It will demonstrate to you: how busy GPs incorporate up-to-date knowledge and evidence based, patient-centred practice into their consultations. CSA candidates and medical students will often prefer to use our material in study groups, with or without the support of a trainer. Busy GPs can bring themselves up-to-date listening to audio material on their smart phones wherever and whenever they feel so inclined.

This course consists of 5 groups of educational material

  • 1. Role play scenarios for your CSA study group
  • 2. Communication skills learning. These are teaching sessions recorded with our communication skills experts to improve your consultations
  • 3. Shared decision options. These are extended option discussions with patients with specific conditions. These recordings are suitable for GPs and patients alike
  • 4. Consultations with patients with problems from all of the GP curriculum areas. This allows you to be comprehensive in your learning. And to tick some boxes in your e-portfolio.
  • 5. Physical examinations for GPs. Videos of physical examinations ideal for GPs and the CSA


Clinical Skills

Real role play scenarios for your Clinical Skills Assessment study group.

Communication Skills

Communication skills learning, tricks of the GP trade

Shared decision options

Option audios and option tables, guide patients to choose their best option with clinician support

Share our Consultations from across the GP curriculum

Dot the i's and cross the t’s, be my apprentice

Physical examinations for GPs

Videos of physical examinations ideal for GPs and the CSA