Communication Skills

Communication skills learning

When using this section we suggest you follow the order listed below:

  • 1. Start with the map of the consultation workshop
  • 2. Next complete the Calgary Cambridge workshop.
  • 3. Then listen to the shared decision making workshop.
  • 4-6. You may like then to do the emotional health workshop, or the red flag, provide and safety net demonstration. Or perhaps you might prefer to try out the elicit, provide, elicit demonstration next.
  • 7. Dip in to our How to pass the Clinical Skills Assessment discussion if it’s relevant to you.
  • 8. To learn about how to communicate with young people: watch our video of how to use the HEADSSS tool.
  • 9. Communicating with older people. Videos that teach you how to ensure that older people choose where and how they are treated.

Map of the Consultation Workshop

Calgary Cambridge Workshop

Shared Decision Making Workshop

Red Flag Demonstration

Emotional Health Workshop

Elicit, Provide, Elicit Demonstration

How to pass the CSA

How to use the HEADSSS tool

Communicating with older people